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Gardner ATTs Bite Alarm

Our Price:  £69.99
List Price:  £75.99
Saving Of:  £6.00 (8%)
L.E.D colour:  

Brand:  Gardner


We are proud to announce the latest product release, the ATTs, The 's' is for silent, as it does not
have a speaker. All audible indication comes from your receiver speaker; your receiver beeps or
vibrates where you are, not at the waters edge. With built in transmitters, they provide a full wireless
remote buzzer-receiver system.
The alarms can be purchased individually and can be used with existing ATTx V2 receivers.
Alternatively, they can be bought as set along with the ATTx V2 receivers or receivers can also
be purchased separately. Features:-
Superb new alarm which works in conjunction with the ATTX receiver box. Rubberized finish, built in transmitter, no buttons or knobs, 100% watertight, ultra compact and lightweight, low battery warning. Hardcase and battery included.

Available in 7 different LED Colours - The ATTs comes in 7 LED colours; Blue, White, Red, Green, Orange (available 2009), Yellow and Purple.

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