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Avid carp sight stops

Our Price:  £2.75

Brand:  Avid Carp
Number in pack:  15

Avid Carp

These 6mm little plastic dome stops have been developed to add a new dimension to your fishing.

Sight-Stops will add a vibrant colour sighter to almost any rig even Pop-Ups attracting more are more fish towards your hook bait. No more will you need to use a normal dumb bell hair stop these unique stops have a little plastic hook which when is looped on to a hair rig is easily pulled in to your bait leaving you with a fantastic hook bait arrangement.

Sight-Stops come in to different sizes enabling you to adjust the hair if you choose to use a different size bait without changing your rig.

Available in short and long stems, quantity 15
Yellow and Mixed Colours.

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