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Gardner Braided Hair Needles

Our Price:  £3.50

Brand:  Gardner


The original 'braid friendly' ballpoint crochet type needle. The needle has been designed to retract through the bait into the handle leaving perfect sized hair loops every time. As used and recommended by Ian Russell of Heathrow Baits Services for use with their 'baby boilies' as the fine diameter means it will not split small and delicate hookbaits. Possibly the safest baiting needle to use, the Gardner Braided Hair Needle has become an iconic piece of carp angling hardware.

•Available with either Green or Black handle.
•Rounded crochet point does not easily pierce skin.

•Retractable design for added safety and to prevent damage to needle.
•Ergonomic Easi Grip handle with Posi Pip Thumb button for use in the dark and lanyard hole for keyring attachment.
•Stainless Steel needle.
•Manufactured in the UK.
•The original and best - beware of imitations!
•Length=11.8cm (with handle), 2.9cm (needle only)

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