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Deeper Pro plus fish finder

Our Price:  £209.99

Brand:  Deeper


Special offer::

Free dry bag and waterproof phone cover 

The deeper Pro+ Sonar has the same price as always but with this limited summer bundle, you get the dry bag and phone case for free Offer available while supplies last

The Deeper PRO+ is the most powerful castable sonar available – it casts further and scans deeper than any other. With its wide range of settings and modes, it’s also incredibly versatile – scan for structure, map contours from shore or boat, mark fish, find vegetation. All so you never miss any of the underwater action.


The ultimate in smart sonar fishing, the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ uses integrated GPS to turn your Deeper into an amazing mapping device.

Boasting a WiFi connection that enables great range and huge data transmission, what sets the PRO+ apart is its integrated GPS. This enables you to create real-time bathymetric maps of the site you’re fishing from both boat and shore. This allows you to pin point exact features in a way that was only previously possible using boat-mounted consoles. With an 80m / 260 ft range and a scanning to a depth of 80m / 260 ft, this GPS enabled, map-making device is ideal for the most demanding anglers and the most extreme conditions.

Advantages: GPS enabled mapping, incredible casting range and data transmission
Best option for: professional anglers, extreme fishing

Supplied with 2 x bolt attachments, USB wire and mini pouch. 

Casting range up to 100 metres

Depth range up to 70 metres

Enhanced sensitivity enables greater target separation

Filtered out noise and improved sensitivity of sonar beam

Wi-Fi connection

App features: Fishing calendar, Camera function, Weather Forecast, Fishing Notes, Offline Maps, Unlimited History

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