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Drennan AS1 pole floats

Our Price:  £2.35

Brand:  Drennan


The New Drennan AS pole floats feature a new style stainless steel wire eye mounted right at the base of the tip.
This is not only a mechanically strong position but it avoids piercing the paint work.
The AS pole float loops are blackened stainless steel to match the body and giving a more distinct
demarcation line to the glow tip so bites are easier to spot.
The bodies are made from light grade balsa which is very buoyant compared to foam so the floats can be made
smaller. The AS bodies are then coated in a new extremely tough acrylic paint ensuring a strong shell like
protection. The stems are made from sprung stainless steel and both patterns have hollow buoyant glow tips.
The AS1 has a 1.5mm diameter tip whilst the AS2 has a tip diameter of 1.75mm
Superb new floats which will now form the basis of the new generation pole floats.


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