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Drennan crystal dibbers

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Brand:  Drennan


An obvious advantage of a Crystal Dibber is how unob­trusive it is in clear or shallow water. A solid-coloured pole float casts a dis­tinct shadow and is much more vis­ible to fish feeding up in the water or in the mar­ginal shal­lows and so cannot com­pare to a see-through design like this. That means a fish is less easily spooked and much more willing to ven­ture towards your hook bait. This is a major advantage when fishing up in the water for any spe­cies, from carp and F1s to roach and chub. Ultimately, it will mean more bites and more fish in the net!

These floats are just as light and buoyant as balsa and more buoyant than foam, so nothing is com­prom­ised. The short, unob­trusive design is ideal for most shallow water applic­a­tions while the domed glow tip is easy to locate above the sur­face. The float body is ultra tough and dur­able while a bonded glass stem is a good com­promise between the sta­bility of a wire stem and the extra dur­ab­ility of carbon.

The floats also fea­ture a con­ven­tional looking side eye that is almost impossible to pull out in normal use. This is thanks to a unique way of attaching it. Instead of pier­cing the body and being angled down­wards, the side eye is actu­ally angled upwards and clev­erly fused in place between the pole float body and the fluor­es­cent ‘cap’ of the domed tip!

In tests, these floats take on almost chameleon-like prop­er­ties in the water. Some of our con­sult­ants have even com­mented how anglers on adja­cent pegs thought they were not even using a float!

When it comes to shallow fishing, the Crystal Dibber really is the next step in pole float evolution!

Available in 0.2g, 0.3g and 0.4g sizes.

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