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Drennan Red range 11m pole

Our Price:  £199.00
List Price:  £219.00

Brand:  Drennan
Supplied with:  1 power kit in pole and 1 spare power kit.


Free Drennan Extras pack with this pole!!

Expanding the hugely pop­ular Red Range of rods and reels, the 11m Red Range Carp pole offers an excep­tional value package coupled with real performance.
The Red Range Carp makes a quality long margin pole, a good second pole for exper­i­enced anglers and is also an excel­lent choice for a first pole. Importantly, it is a true 11 metre model that is per­fectly fish­able and man­age­able at this length. As the name sug­gests, it is more than strong enough for carp and com­mer­cial fish­eries.
It is also stiff and responsive enough for catching lots of silver fish.

Top Kits & Elastication: It comes with a top two Carp Kit in the pole plus a spare top two Carp kit.
These kits measure approx­im­ately 2.3m and are ready to elast­icate straight from the bag. As they come, the Carp Kits will accept a 4.2mm Super Slick PTFE Bush (2.9mm internal dia­meter). Two of these bushes are sup­plied, which are ideal for light/medium solid elastics and per­haps even up to yellow 10–12 Carp Bungee hollow elastic or equivalent. If you prefer to use thicker elastics, two larger dia­meter 5.4mm Super Slick PTFE Bushes (4.2mm internal dia­meter) are also sup­plied. The pole will only need trim­ming back approx­im­ately 18cm to fit these much larger PTFE Bushes. Side Pull System:

We pride ourselves in the extras you get with a Drennan pole so, just like our top-of-the-range models, the Red Range Carp also fea­tures factory-fitted Side Pull Slots. This allows you to take advantage of our Roller Cones and the revolu­tionary Side Pull System. Once fitted, the Side Pull System provides amazing per­form­ance to both solid and hollow elastic and makes fish playing an extremely smooth process. 

Extras: You also get two Skid Bungs, EVA nose cones for the No 2 (ready fitted) and No3 sec­tions, two Cupping Kit Adaptors, a Polemaster Pole Pot, four internal PTFE bushes, a Roller Cone extractor rod and eight Side Pull Beads as part of the package

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