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Drennan Acolyte Plus 15' float rod

Drennan Acolyte Plus 15' float rod
Our Price:  £233.99
List Price:  £259.99

Brand:  Drennan
Length:  15' 3 piece float rod


The slim, lightweight and exceptionally balanced 15ft Acolyte Plus is ideal for rivers and deep stillwaters where quality fish are expected.

It is slightly more powerful than the 15ft Acolyte Ultra and a great choice for casting and controlling heavier floats.

It is particularly suitable for medium to large wagglers, stick floats, Avons and bolo floats.
The extra length offers excellent line control while the crisp and responsive tip connects with bites with lightning speed and efficiency.
This well-balanced rod is powerful yet still has an extremely slim and lightweight blank. This ensures it can be fished with all day without strain.
At just 6oz (170g) it actually lighter than many manufacturers’ 13ft and 14ft models!
The Acolyte Plus 15ft is best matched with reel lines from 4lb to 6lb+ (1.8kg to 3kg+) and hooklengths from 5lb (0.16mm) down to 2.5lb (0.12mm). A very worthy addition to the exquisite Acolyte family and designed for anglers who want the very best!

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