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Drennan Martin Bowler big river barbel rod

Drennan Martin Bowler big river barbel rod

Brand:  Drennan
Length:  12' 2.25lb



Martin Bowler has been a pioneer of big river barbel fishing so it is only natural that he would design a Barbel rod
that wouls cope with such conditions. This new rod 12' 2.25lb rod is easily capable of launching heavy leads needed to hold bottom
and have the neccessary power to pull fish from snaggy swims. Due to the power of this rod lines up to 15lb can be
used which is ofen needed in flood water.
The rod  has a top quality reel fitting and full cork handle. The tip section is fitted with a pair of Drennan isotopes
and the last 6 inches finished with a reflective white paint for enhanced visiblity.
A ready rod sleeve is also provided so the rod can be left made up. A modern classic.

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