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Drennan Matchpro Ultralight 11' float rod

Our Price:  £119.00
List Price:  £129.00

Brand:  Drennan

Delivery:  £9.99


At just 11ft 3.35m the new drennan ultralight 11' is perfect for all silverfish and F1s and is particularly well suited to small, shallow commercial  waters, especially where regular casting and retrieving is involved.
  • Although the rod is crisp and fast it has a deceptively gentle shock absorbing tip which cushions the strike and allows you to fish hook lengths right  down to 10oz to 12oz (0.06mm) with total confidence.
  • At the other extreme, small carp, tench and bream can be caught fishing 3lb or 4lb lines straight through.
    as part of the matchpro ultralight range you can be assured this new rod has been designed and made with care
    One of the lightest rods we have handled. A beauty!

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