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Drennan Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder Rod

Our Price:  £84.00
List Price:  £89.00
Rod Length:  

Brand:  Drennan
included free:  Series 7 Padded Rod Sleeve


Designed to break down into two equal sections with a quiver tip attached, the Series 7 Carp Feeder rods are excellent fish playing rods ideal for carp on small commercial waters.

The 10ft carp feeder rod will handle anything from light bombs through to medium feeders and small method feeders.With ideal reel lines being between 3lb and 6lb, the two glass tips (1.5oz & 2oz) will help to exaggerate bites and the special shock absorber action will reduce hook pulls.

The 11ft carp feeder rod
  will cast anything from light bombs to big feeders and method feeders, with accuracy and confidence. Using lines rated 4-7lb, this rod makes a really versatile allrounder. Supplied with  glass tips (2oz & 3oz), the special shock absorber through action is designed to reduce hook pulls and help subdue bigger, hard fighting fish, quickly and efficiently

The 12ft carp feeder rod offers a powerful carp feeder blank, which feels extremely light and well balanced.
Accurate casting of big feeders and method feeders is no problem, yet the fish playing action remains soft and forgiving. This helps subdue big hard fighting fish and reduces the incidence of hook pulls particularly on a short line around the net.
Ideal reel lines are 4lb to 8lb. There are two slow taper glass tips supplied in 3oz and 4oz.


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