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Round Jig Heads

Our Price:  £1.25

The most versatile of the Fox Rage Jig Heads and perfectly suited for casting, jigging and vertical fishing. Instead of the commonly used rectangular Jig Hooks all Fox Rage Round Jig Heads have a medium length Aberdeen hook with an extra wide gape. A stainless steel clamp is anchored in the hook eye that secures easily to all sizes or shapes of karabiners.

To fix a soft shad correctly on the Jig Head there is an additional clamp that has to be put into the softbait.

The advantages of this are:
1. Because there is no lead at the jig head the problem of bursting the head of the shad is eliminated.
2. Superglue is not required to secure the rubber shads.

The combination of shortened shank and wide gape is unique because it increases bait motion and ensures a better hook hold!

Fox Rage Round Jig Heads are sold individually.

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