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Dynamite Marine Halibut Pellets

Our Price:  £4.49
List Price:  £4.99

Brand:  Dynamite baits
Bag Size / Weight:  900g

Dynamite baits


You can get these pellets in sizes from 3mm to 21mm. All are packed full of fish attracting oils and Super G pre-digested fishmeal  which gives them immense pulling power and makes them appealing to a wide range of species.

They attract all large fish and make them feed more aggressively than standard high oil pellets.

Carp anglers favour these when targeting specimen fish because of their immense pulling power and they are also unbeatable for barbel, chub and bream on rivers.


Key features:
- High oil pellets
- Packed full of Super G pre-digested fishmeal
- Includes fish oils and essential amino and fatty acids
- Attracts carp, chub and barbel
- Gets fish feeding aggressively
- Available in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 14mm sizes
The 16mm and 21mm are a mixture of normal and pre-drilled pellets.


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