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Dynamite XL Liquid Attractants

Our Price:  £4.50

Brand:  Dynamite baits
bottle size:  250ml

Dynamite baits

A complete range of liquid attractants with added betaine.
Perfect for adding to boilies,groundbaits and pellets.

XL Liquid Tutti Frutti

This is the latest liquid additive to be added to the XL range and it has a wonderful aroma that will enhance any bait.

As well as the strong fish pulling power of the Tutti Frutti flavour this liquid is also loaded with Betaine which triggers the fish into feeding.

XL Liquid Scopex

A very popular flavour that is loved by all coarse fish. The liquid has a strong, but sweet, aroma that bream, tench and carp find very hard to resist. Also loaded with betaine.

XL Liquid Strawberry

This is one of the most popular flavours with both anglers and fish! It has a beautiful sweet aroma that will enhance any bait.  Also loaded with betaine.

XL Liquid Brasem

This XL Liquid is very sweet and bream, in particular, find it irresistible. Other fish with a sweet tooth such as tench, carp and roach also have a fondness for Brasem. Also loaded with betaine.

XL Liquid Worm

All coarse fish love worms and the XL Liquid Worm is ideal for capitalising on this fact. It’s a very strong flavour so a bottle will go a long way and it is loved by bream, tench and carp especially.  Also loaded with betaine.

XL Liquid Betaine Pellet

This XL Liquid contains Green Lipped Mussel to give it an added edge and unique green colouring. It appeals to all coarse fish and the aroma is ideal for pepping up ordinary coarse pellets to give you an advantage over the rest of the field. Also loaded with betaine

XL Liquid Halibut Pellet

Halibut pellets have a very appealing aroma to coarse fish so we have re-created the scent in the form of this XL Liquid, allowing you to utilise on the fish pulling power with other baits or where Halibut’s are banned. Aldo loaded with betaine.

XL Liquid Molasses

This dark, sweet additive is ideal for sweetening up your groundbait mixes or for adding to your baits. It has a really dark colour to it and all fish seem to love it! Also loaded with betaine.








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