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ESP Stalker rod

Our Price:  £59.99
List Price:  £64.99

Brand:  ESP


ESP Stalker Rod 9ft 2.75lb.

This rod has been designed by the ESP team to be used in all those tight and award swims where carp love to hide away from the pressure caused by anglers on the bank and lines in the water.

The 9ft length is ideal for poking under trees and bushes yet is still long enough to give an action capable of playing and landing big fish in awkward situations.

This very is very light because it is made from high grade carbon yet it still has the power to bully a big carp away from snags.

The action of this rod has had a lot of thought and design gone into it, if you had a poker of a rod, when you used it at very close range you would get a lot of hook pulls or the hooks straightening, so Esp have combined all the power you need and combined it with the neccessary amount of 'give' to create the perfect stalking rod.

The blank is olive green in colour so that it blends in perfectly with the bankside vegetation, and reduces the chance of spooking a shy carp.

SiC rings throughout, full duplon handle, DPS 18 reel fitting completed with an ESP line clip, these features complete a very good rod, it has all the neccessary attributes to do the job it was designed for at a very sensible price.

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