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ESP Chod rig leaders

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Brand:  ESP


ESP Chod Rig Leaders have spliced streamlined joints for maximum strength and adjustable stop beads which allow you to position the rig anywhere on the leadcore leader.
In the interests of fish safety the upper bead is always mounted on a short section of silicone tube.
Once disengaged from the tube this large bore bead and the rig are free to pass over the leader knot.
The Chod Rig Sleeve not only prevents the hook point from coming into contact with the lead and masks the clip link but also compresses when playing fish and acts as an effective shock absorbing buffer.
The 1m leaders are excellent for long range casting whilst the 1.5m are ideal for short to medium range where the extra length helps to keep more of the terminal set up anchored firmly along the bottom.

Available in: Weedy green, muddy brown and choddy silt. Choice of either 1m or 1.5m

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