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ESP Leadcore Stop Beads

Our Price:  £2.65

Brand:  ESP


ESP leadcore stop beads have the exact diameter to fit safely over a leadcore leader to create chod or helicopter rigs and contains a length of silicone to mount the beads on.

The handy frame contains two different bore sizes. When mounted on a short section of the 0.5mm silicone tube provided the larger bore bead is a safe interference fit. In the event of a mainline breakage this top bead can push off the silicone tube and is then free to slide up over the leader knot. This set-up prevents a hooked fish being tethered to the line and leader. The small bead has a centre membrane, which can be pierced with a splicing needle and threaded directly onto the leadcore, this provides a tight fit for the bottom bead, perfect when fishing heli or chod rigs up the leader

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