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ESP Tungsten loaded tube

Our Price:  £5.99

Brand:  ESP


ESP Tungsten Loaded Tubing

ESP were responsible for innovating the original Anchor Rig tubing way back in 1999. New developments utilising vastly improved materials have allowed us to develop the Tungsten Loaded tube which is made on ESP’s own extrusion line here in the UK.

Incredibly supple and weighing 8.5g per metre (ESP Leadcore weighs 2.5g per metre), Tungsten Loaded Tubing will follow lake bed contours and keep the last few feet of mainline pinned down, while providing exceptional abrasion resistance. The internal bore diameter of 0.65mm will accommodate tapered and thick mono leaders for distance casting and is easy to thread, even when wet.

Available in 3 colours, weed green, camo brown and silt grey.

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