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Nash deliverance ball maker

Our Price:  £8.99

Brand:  Nash tackle

Nash tackle



Just sometimes a product is dropped on your desk, which makes you think: This is awesome! Why has no one thought of this before? Such a product is the Deliverance Ball Maker just launched by Nash.

What is a Ball Maker you may ask? Well, its a simple device to make compact, perfectly spherical balls of groundbait.

Simply fill up one half with groundbait, insert the top section and push down. Then press the buttons to release a perfectly formed groundbait ball that is so compact, if you get your mix right, you will be able to catapult it for miles. What's m­ore, you can make the balls in seconds in fact as quick as you can fill the Ball Maker!

The Ball Maker will appeal to everyone not only the match anglers, who of course use tons of groundbait – but also switched on carpers and specimen anglers who catch by having smart little ‘edges’.


  • 30mm
  • 40mm.

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