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Korda Goo

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Brand:  Korda


Product Description

The new Goos extend the Kiana Carp range for six to 24, and the new releases include the much-whispered-about Almond Supreme Bait Smoke and Almond Power Smoke. As well as the Almonds, which feature heavily in the success of Ali and Tom’s haul for Underwater 8, the range also includes four other blockbusters, which are, Mystic Spice, Strawberry Kick, Caramel Cloud and Halibut Haze. These new Goos WILL help anglers take apart your waters this spring, so ask yourself, do you want to watch on from the sidelines, or are you going to get on the Goo?

A new concept in fish attractant from those clever guys at Korda. This additive creates a bait trail that no carp can resist.

Available in two different viscosities, Power Smoke and Bait Smoke in six irresistible fish catching flavours. Supplied in bottles of 115mls.

This is the product that has torn apart previously difficult waters. Get some before your mates do!!
Invented by KIANA carp and distributed by Korda


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