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Korum Xpert Lead Clip Kit

Our Price:  £2.99

Brand:  Korum


Great value. Each packet is supplied with 8 lead clips, sleeves and swivels.

A bolt rig is where, on picking the hookbait up, the full weight of the lead is felt by the fish causing it to bolt off giving very positive bite indication. A lead clip provides the safest most efficient type of rig for bolt rigging. As the swivel is held in place by the pin, if the lead is snagged or caught in heavy weed it will eject to prevent the lead being attached to a broken rig. For variable tension on discharge alter the position of the sleeve on the ribbed lead clip

Supplied with swivels, clips and rubbers. Great value.

Available as a kit with either size 8 or size 10 swivels

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