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Drennan Acolyte Pro margin pole

Our Price:  £299.99
List Price:  £379.99
Extra ghost top 2 kit:  

Brand:  Drennan
Length:  9.5 metres


The pole is suppied with 3 top kits..

The Acolyte Pro Margin Carp 9.5 is slim, stiff, light­weight, super strong and more than a match for com­mer­cial fishery carp!

The package: 9.5m pole including mini exten­sion and Margin Kit.
The pole is suppied with 3 top kits!

  • 1x extra Margin Kit
  • 1x extra Ghost Margin Kit
  • 2x Skid Bungs
  • 6x PTFE Bushes
  • 6x Intermediate PTFE Bushes
  • 3x Roller Cones
  • 9x Side Pull Beads
  • EVA nose cone Extractor rod
  • Cupping kit adaptor
  • Polemaster Pole Pot
  • wipe clean nylon bag.

This seven-section pole com­plete with revers­ible mini exten­sion is 9.5m straight from the bag and needs no cut­ting back to accept our largest 5.4mm Super Slick internal PTFE bushes. It is ideal when used in con­junc­tion with thick, hollow elastic such as our pop­ular pink 14–16 and red 18–20 Carp Bungee. The spe­cial Margin Kits sup­plied measure 2.33m and are designed to be shorter than the 2.89m kits sup­plied with the Acolyte and Acolyte Carp poles, as we believe it is the optimum length for more demanding, close-range work. Having a shorter length of elastic offers you much more con­trol over a big fish, which can be really important when tack­ling snaggy swims.

One of the Margin Kits also comes with a spe­cial Ghost Tip as part of the standard package. These tips have been spe­cially treated with a light grey paint finish. This has been designed for ultra wary fish that could poten­tially be spooked by a carbon pole tip waving over their heads. As this spe­cial finish only adds approx­im­ately 2g of extra weight to the sec­tion, the bal­ance and per­form­ance of the pole is not compromised. The standard package comes with a total of two Margin Kits and one Ghost Margin Kit but, as with all Drennan poles, you can tailor this to your own requirements. Each kit comes with our factory-fitted Side Pull Slots as standard and is also sup­plied with Roller Cones for unri­valled, super-smooth elastic performance.

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