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Drennan Red range 8m margin carp pole

Our Price:  £107.99
List Price:  £119.99

Brand:  Drennan


The Drennan Red Range Margin Carp is a true-length 8m pole, super strong and ideal for battling with big fish at close quarters.
This pole has been primarily designed for match-sized carp on commercial fisheries. With well-balanced tackle it will cope with fish up to double figures with ease. We have worked hard to create an affordable pole with plenty of strength and power. Importantly, the pole can be comfortably fished at its full 8m length. As with all our latest Drennan poles, this is also a true-length model and is fishable at its stated length without any cutting back. The pole comes with one Red Range Margin Kit inside the pole plus a spare Margin Kit. These are extra strong top 2s with a wide bore that will accept red 18–20 Carp Bungee or equivalent pole elastic without cutting back. Each top kit is 2.3m long and also comes pre-bushed with a 5.4mm Super Slick PTFE. Margin Carp Kits also come with a pre-fitted Side Pull Slot and Roller Cones so you can take full advantage of our super-smooth Side Pull System. Owners of the Red Range Carp 11m and RX Carp 13m poles will also be pleased to know that the top kits are interchangeable between these two models and the Margin Carp. A Cupping Adaptor and 250ml Polemaster pole pot are also included should you wish to convert one of the top kits into a cupping kit. You also get an EVA nose cone for the No3 section, a selection of Side Pull Beads and a Skid Bung to protect the base of the pole when shipping in and out.

True-length 8m pole

Extra strong Six sections
Take-apart construction
Pre-fitted Side Pull Slots
Average weight 870g
Pre-bushed top kits
Spare Top 2 Margin Kit included
The Package: 

8m pole including Margin Kit 
Spare Margin Kit
2x Roller Cones
Extractor Rod
Cupping Adaptor
Polemaster Pole Pot
Side Pull Beads
EVA Nose Cone
Skid Bung
Wipe clean nylon bag

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