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Drennan Inline Olivettes

Our Price:  £2.99

Brand:  Drennan


These Drennan in-line Olivettes are silicone lined to prevent line damage, they have a central bore and the weighting is very accurate.

Non-flash camo bronze finish

Size engraved for easy identification

Cannot come off the mainline

They are ideal for all pole rigs.

  • 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g (6 per pack
  • 0.5g, 0.6g, 0.7g, 0.8g, 0.9g, 1g, 1.25g, 1.5g, 1.75g (5 per pack)
  • 2g, 2.25g 2.5g, 2.75g, 3g, 3.5g, 3.75g, 4g, 4.5g (4 per pack)
  • 5g, 5.5g, 6g, 7g, 7.5g, 8g, 9.5g, 10g, 11.5g, 12g (3 per pack)

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