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Drennan SF3 Micro barbed pole rigs

Our Price:  £4.45

Brand:  Drennan
hook type:  Carbon match micro barbed
Rig length:  4 metres


Perfect Strung out Micro barbed rigs that performs equally well on slow moving rivers, still waters and commercials

Designed in conjunction with 5x world champion Alan Scotthorne  the SF3's include
4 interchangeable 1mm Hi Viz Solid plastic tips including colours Red, Orange, Yellow and Black. The choice of 4 tip colours ensures that hi visibility can be maintained against any background.

The 0.8mm carbon stem is strong and durable but also light enough to allow the bait to be presented with a slow and natural fall through the water. S stainless steel wire eye securely bonds into the Balsa float body. The floats are finished with Drennan’s unique extra tough paint finish.

  • 0.4g      Strung out No 10s with 2 No 10 droppers.
    0.6g      Strung out No 9s with 2 No 10 droppers.
    0.8g      Strung out No 8s with 2 No 10 droppers.
  • Hook: Size 20 Micro barbed Carbon Match hooks on all Rigs.
  • Hooklength:  0.105mm / 1.7lb Supplex Flurocarbon
  • Mainline: 0.117mm/. 2.5lb  Supplex
  • Winders: Existing 200mm x 12mm winders
  • Rig length: 4m perfect for Drennan top 3s

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