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Preston Diamond pole rigs

Our Price:  £4.50

Brand:  Preston innovations

Preston innovations

All rigs tied to 7lb 6oz Reflo power line to a 6lb 12oz hooklength
to a Size 14 XSH -B barbless hook

The Diamond pole Float has a 2mm Hollow bristle and a fibreglass stem, perfect for fishing with big baits on the short pole line. The bulk and droppers shotting pattern is positive while letting the bait sink slowly as it nears the bottom.. A size 14 XSH-B hook finishes the rig which is ideal for big pellets, meat, corn, worm and paste baits.

Constructed from the very finest components and based on rigs tied by our own consultants, the Des Shipp Commercial carp pole float rigs are perfect for use on all commercial fisheries.

The floats feature the new Dura side eye which makes them far stronger than any float with a standard side eye, without altering the balance. Reflo Power is used for all main lines and hooklengths while our popular XSH-B hooks are the perfect all round hook that can be used for a wide variety of baits. Stotz are used on all of the rigs in a shotting pattern to suit the intended style of fishing.X

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