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Ringers crushed expander pellet

Our Price:  £3.99

Brand:  Ringers
Bag Size / Weight:  800g


The latest addition to the commercial fishery bait range is made from nothing but the highest quality expander pellets which have been ground down to produce a fine crumb that mixes very easily. This creates a groundbait that lends itself to a variety of situations and can be used when float or feeder fishing.

 Ringer Baits boss Phil Ringer explained: “I’ve been trialling the Pure-Ground Expander in secret for quite a while and it’s proved excellent on all venues, especially those with high stocks of carp, F1 Carp and skimmers.”

“When you feed it into your swim it makes a slow-sinking cloud that really helps to draw fish into your swim and as it has a low feed content it is great for commercial fisheries in winter when fish don’t want too much bait,” he added. Pure-Ground Expander is perfect for use all year round and it has a natural brown colour which is suited to all venues and water conditions.  You get 800g of groundbait in a bag but as the groundbait is light in weight, this works out as the equivalent of your usual 1kg bag in terms of quantity.

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