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Preston Mag Store hooklength box system

Our Price:  £18.99

Brand:  Preston innovations

Preston innovations

The new Mag Store system is a new way to store your hooklengths.
Based around a hooklength winder which has magnets to secure it into the storage case. This has the benefit of being able to remove just the required hooklengths when needed which can save space on your side tray and can save the entire hooklength box getting wet.
Available in 3 sizes for 10cm-15cm or 30 & 38cm lengths.


  • 10 Rig Sticks included with case system
  • Waterproof Rubber Gasket
  • Ribbed Rig Stick for increased hooklength stability
  • Multi Rig Stick storage for improved versatility
  • Reinforced fibreglass Rig Sticks eliminates bending/warping
  • Strong Neo Pro magnets
  • Dual Identification Slots
  • Impact Resistant Plastic Case
  • Extra rig sticks available

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