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Sonubaits Elliptical pellets

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Brand:  Sonu baits

Sonu baits

Sonubaits Elliptical pellets have caught huge numbers of barbel, carp and other specimen fish from venues all over Europe.

These oily pellets have a high fishmeal content and high oil content that will leak off fish-attracting smells through your swim, pulling fish into your baited area and keeping fish in your swim for longer. The high-grade oils used in the Sonubaits Elliptical pellets are ideal for year-round use, whether you’re targeting specimen tench in spring, big carp in the summer and winter, or huge barbel in the autumn!

The elliptical shape of these pellets means that they will sit lower to the riverbed and not roll easily, keeping your bait concentrated in your swim for longer, a great edge on rivers when targeting barbel or chub.

Elliptical shaped pellets will be a new and different feed for carp as they are used to seeing conventional cylindrical pellets. This will be a major edge, especially on pressured venues.

These pellets can be fished in a wide range of ways making them the ideal pellet to keep with you at all times! They can be used in a PVA bag or soak them in water and fish them in a feeder or moulded around a lead.

The larger sizes of the Elliptical pellet can be used on a bait band or drilled and used on a hair rig. One great tip is to glue to pellets back to back on a hair rig!

Elliptical Feed Pellets are available in 8mm and 10mm sizes and supplied in 1kg bags!

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