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Sonubaits Fibre Paste Powder

Sonubaits Fibre Paste Powder
Our Price:  £2.99

Brand:  Sonu baits
Designed for:  Carp,Tench and Bream

Sonu baits

Once you have mixed the paste make it into a ball and just tear a pinch off and simply hook it on, it does not need to be moulded, this way it leaves a rough edged paste unlike any other. Once it is in the water small particles of the paste begin to fall away enticing fish to feed, this also feeds the swim.
Use larger hooks and heavier line with Fibre Paste as it catches larger than average fish and the larger hook will also help to keep the paste on.
Fibre Paste sinks slowly which means it can be cast on a waggler rod at cruising fish and it will fall slowly giving more time in the feeding zone.
It is a presentation which fish won’t have seen before and therefore will not be able to resist

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