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Sonubaits hemp tins

Our Price:  £2.25

Brand:  Sonu baits
Tin size:  400 grams

Sonu baits

Available in

Natural hemp
Hemp and Krill
Hemp and meat
Hemp and Spicy sausage

Selected hempseed and our special cooking process ensures none of the natural oils, sugars or attractants are lost and also gives a very high split rate, giving you perfectly cooked; ready to use hemp.

Hemp has always been a fantastic bait and can be used by itself or mixed with any groundbait or pellet to create a feeding area which holds fish for longer as they grub around to pick up all the seeds.

Hemp and meat and hemp and spicy sausage will be ideal for the river angler targeting barbel and chub
but also for carp on the commercials where a mixture of particle and meat based feed will entice the fish
to the feed.

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