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Sonubaits semi-buoyant band'ums

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Brand:  Sonu baits

Sonu baits

Semi-Buoyant Bandums

These are a floating version of the Band’um, so the shape is the same which is perfect for banding with a Pellet Bander. The buoyancy of the bait will be counteracted by the weight of the hook, usually between a 16 and a 10 is the right size but it will depend on the pattern of hook used.

The advantage of these hook baits being semi buoyant and light weight in water is they will be the first thing to rise up into the fishes mouth when they suck the bait from the Method Feeder, this means quicker and more regular bites.

A top tip is using them on the splash waggler because with a little experimentation in hook size will mean that you can get them to drop through the feeding zone very slowly resulting in the bait being in the right area for longer.

Semi-Buoyant Band’um’s are available in Pineapple, Krill, Strawberry, White Chocolate and bloodworm, giving plenty of choice so you can find out which one works best on the day. A great hook bait for Carp, Tench and Bream

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