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Drennan Heavy Oval Blockend Feeder

Our Price:  £2.65

Brand:  Drennan
Feeder type  blockend feeder brown


Based on the massively popular Drennan Oval Blockend the new model, or Mk2 if you like, is a hugely improved version featuring all the quality of the first versions - plus a heap more besides!

The revamped Heavy Oval Blockend Feeder is made with stronger plastic giving it a longer life. It has less chance of cracking and splitting as it bounces among stones, boulders and gravel along a turbulant river bed.
The lead has also been intergrated into the feeder's body shell, adding strength to the frame, but mainly to allow the feeder to lie perfectly flat on the river bed. The ultra low profile gives them a streamlined effect and doesn't allow flow to build up underneath the feeder, the pressure of which can move a feeder along the bottom causing tangles around the hooklength and ultimately missed fish!
Also, the colour of the feeders have changed - with the heavier range of feeders now in brown. This is because a heavier feeder is normally needed in coloured water situations and a green feeder is better to blend in with the weed in clear water.

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