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Preston Absolute Window Feeder

Our Price:  £1.99

Brand:  Preston innovations

Preston innovations

Window feeders have become incredibly popular in todays feeder fishing.
Designed wih casting in mind, these feeders go out like bullets. So even if you stuggle to cast at distance, no worries because you find these will cast like a dream.
Available in three body sizes in a variety of different weights. So, you can vary the amount of loose feed introduced. Simply add your loose feed, plug with a small amount of groundbait and cast. The ‘window’ in the feeder is thumb sized making the operation as simple and easy as possible. One unique feature is an internal ramp that is built in to the feeder to help the bait release. Along with the crucially positioned small holes in the top of the feeder that help to release the bait.

Large 45gram
Medium 45gram
Small 45Gram

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