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Nash Carp Cradle MK3

Our Price:  £99.99
List Price:  £109.99

Brand:  Nash tackle

Nash tackle

The best way to describe the Carp Cradle is to imagine an unhooking mat with deep padded sides suspended OFF the floor via a metal frame so that the carp is safely held above the ground - no matter how much it thrashes or beats its head it is away from the contact of hard ground and safely suspended in mid-air.

Another hugely important element of this design is that because the mat is suspended off the ground it enables the angler to kneel with his legs under the mat; as oppose to all other designs of mats where you kneel alongside – this means the carp is lifted and held directly over the mat at all times.

- Lightweight frame assembles in seconds.

- Total protection foam cradle.

- Cradle suspended off ground eliminating any possibility of contact with hard ground, sharp stones, glass etc.

- Sealable top flaps to safely secure capture whilst organising for weighing, photographing etc.

DIMENSIONS: (Set Up) 100cm (L) x 72cm (W)

DIMENSIONS (in carry bag): 104cm (L) x 32cm (W)

Approximate weight: 5.2kg

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