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Fox Zig aligner kit

Our Price:  £6.99

Brand:  Fox International

Fox International

Zig Aligna

These innovative new range of Zig Aligna’s are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever. Based on our Line Aligna Adaptor, which was developed for pop-up and bottom bait fishing, the new Zig Aligna is constructed from a softer, more buoyant plastic and features a unique moulded loop on the back. By using the loading tool supplied in the Zig Aligna Kit you can simply insert your chosen colour of foam into the loop on the back of the Aligna and trim it to your preferred size to create the ultimate hookbait. The loop grips the foam extremely tightly meaning it will not come off even on the biggest of casts.

Zig Aligna Kit
• 3 lengths of Zig Aligna HD Foam – 1 x red, 1 x yellow and 1 x black
• 6 Zig Aligna Sleeves– 2 x red, 2 x yellow and 2 x black
• 1 x Loading Tool

Zig Aligna Kit
• 3 lengths of Zig Aligna HD Foam – 1 x brown, 1 x pink and 1 x white
• 6 Zig Aligna Sleeves– 2 x brown, 2 x pink and 2 x white
• 1 x Loading Tool

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